We believe in showering our cat with the best food, cozy bed and warm loving memories.  When it comes to keeping our feline happy, we only want the best toy too.

Out of the many toys out there, The Cat Toy really works.  Because you can POP it open unexpectedly, it has the element of surprise.  Place a favorite treat inside for a double surprise.  As your cat plays, the treat pops out as a reward for the great job.

Encourage your pet’s innate behavior to chase with The Cat Toy.  It is a fascinating, and intriguing chase.  It helps increase the “paw to eye” coordination.  It keeps your feline happy and busy while getting a vigorous workout too. The Cat Toy also comes in fun colors, making it an easy toy to see and play with, day or night.

The Cat Toy is Made in the U.S.A.


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The Great American Cat Toy - Pack of 2

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